Affordable Dental Fees

  • Consultation: KES 2,000
  • Hospital Inpatient Consultation : KES 3,500
  • Post Operative Review : KES 1,500
  •  Orthopantomogram (Opg) : KES 2,000
  • Bilateral bite wings (BBW) : KES 1,500
Other Fees
Clinical Examination Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
Consultation 2000
Hospital Inpatient Consultation 3500
Post Operative Review (Evaluation post extensive Dental Treatment)1500
Radiology (Dental Radiographs)
Orthopantomogram (Opg)2000
Bilateral bite wings (BBW)1500
Right bite wing (RBW) 1000
Left bite wing (LBW) 1000
Intraoral Periapiacal (IOPA)1000
CBCT Right/left Maxilla4000
CBCT Right/left Mandible4000
CBCT Full Arch Maxilla7500
CBCT Full Arch Mandible7500
Lateral Cephalogram3500
Restorative Dentistry (Fillings)
Permanent Filling (1 surface) 5000
Permanent Filling Filling (2 surface)6000
Permanent Filling (3 surface )7000
Complex Filling (More than 3 surfaces) / Core Build up/Labial Filling/Filling on Root treated tooth8000
Preventive Resin Restoration (PRR)4000
Fissure Sealants4000
Temporary/Provisional Filling3000
Fibre Post & Core Build up15000
Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Treatment - RCT)
(Charges are exclusive of the cost of the Permanent Filling / Core Build up after RCT)
Anterior Teeth15500
Premolar Teeth20000
Molar Teeth22000
Retreatment of a Root Canal Treated Tooth ( Failed Endodontic treatment / Symptomatic tooth with inadequate rooth filling) - An Additional charge to the standard cost of Root Canal Treatment10000
Management of a non resolving / chronic periapical pathology10000
Management of a non vital tooth with internal discoloration post trauma / endodontic infection10000
Full Mouth Scaling & Polishing7000
Full Mouth Scaling Under Local Anesthesia10000
Root Planing per Quadrant / Sextant Under Local Anaesthesia7500
Removal of extrinstic Stains 4000
Flouridation / Full Mouth Flouride application4000
Management of Dentine Hypersensitivity 8000
Periodontal Surgery per Quadrant / Quadrant15000
Periodontal Surgery ( Crown Lengthening/Pocket Reduction ) per tooth15000
Splinting mobile Teeth (per sextant) /Periodontal Splinting15000
Minor Oral Surgery (Chairside under local Anaesthesia)
Extraction - Non complicated5000
Extraction - Complicated7500
Closed Surgical Disimpaction12000
Open Surgical Disimpaction20000
Incision & Drainage / curettage of the Maxilla or Mandible7500
Management of Dry Socket (Alveolar Osteitis)5000
Removal of Sutures & Post operative Review1500
Apisectomy - Anterior teeth per tooth20000
Apisectomy - Posterior teeth per tooth20000
Frenectomy 15000
Surgical Exposure & Traction of Impacted tooth60000
Paedontics (Paediatric Dentistry) 1-12 Year Old Patients
Filling Paediatric teeth4000
Fissure Sealant3000
Extraction Decidous Tooth3500
Extraction Permanent tooth 5000
Pulpectomy 7500
Fixed Space Maintainer15000
Stainless Steel Crown12500
Restorations Per Quadrant Under General Aneasthesia35000
Preventive Dentistry
Flouridation / Full Mouth Flouride application4000
Night Guard / Michigan Splint20000
Mouth Guard (Sports)25000
Diagnostic Study Model4000
Extraoral & Intraoral Photographs 2000
Orthodontic Treatment Planning & Discussion (Cephalometric Analysis, Cast Anaylysis, Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Objectives)10000
Habit Breaker15000
Interceptive Orthodontic treatment50000
Fixed Orthodontic treatment (Braces) 18 Months250000
Fixed Orthodontic treatment (Braces) 18- 24 Months300000
Fixed Orthodontic treatment (Braces) 24- 30 Months350000
TAD (Temporary Achorage Device) /Orthodontic Miniimplants25000
Fixed Lingual Retainer15000
Essix Retainer15000
Fixed Prosthodontics
Full Ceramic/Zirconia/Emax Crown40000
Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) Crown (per unit)30000
Porcelain Fused to Precious Metal Crowns (per unit)60000
Ceramic/Emax/Zirconia Veneers40000
Ceramic Inlays/Onlays60000
Composite Crowns / Veneers20000
Recementation of Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays (per unit)5000
Temporary Acrylic Crowns10000
Full Ceramic/Zirconia/Emax Bridge40000
Temporary Acrylic Bridges per unit10000
Removal of Defective Crown 5000
Removal of Defective Bridge per unit5000
Removable Prosthodontics
Complete Upper & Lower Acrylic Denture - Normal Edentulous Ridge60000
Complete Upper & Lower Acrylic Denture - Highly Resorbed Edentulous Ridge80000
Rebases, Relines of complete dentures30000
Soft Liners30000
Repair of an Acrylic Denture12000
Partial Acrylic Denture 1-3 teeth12000
Partial Acrylic Denture 4-6 teeth15000
Partial Acrylic Denture 7 or more teeth18000
Partial Flexi Denture 1-3 teeth20000
Partial Flexi Denture 4-6 teeth25000
Partial Fliexi Denture 7 or more teeth30000
Cobalt Chrome Partial Denture60000
Repair of Cobalt Chrome Denture15000
Dental Implants & Related Oral Surgery
Replacement of a missing tooth with an osseointegrated Implant (Implant Fixture, Abutment & Crown) Zimmer ® / Strauman ®250000
Replacement of a missing tooth with an osseointegrated Implant (Implant Fixture, Abutment & Crown) TRI ®200000
Dental Implants for Auxillary Denture Support (per Implant)75000
Ridge Augmentation (per site of 1-2 - Bone grafting & placement of membrane) Bioss & Bioguide75000
Ridge Augmentation (per site of 1-2 - Bone grafting & placement of membrane) Alternative Bone graft & Membrane60000
Maxillary Sinuslift (Open Sinus lift)150000
Harvest and placemen of Autogenous Block graft from intraoral osseos site100000
Soft Tissue Grafting (per site of 1-3 teeth)60000
Soft Tissue Grafting (per site of 1-6 teeth)100000
Aesthetic Dentistry
Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit Opalenscence30000
Chairside Tooth Whitening Opalensce Boost 2 Hours On The Dental Chair40000
Chairside Tooth Whitening (Zoom Bleaching ) 2 Hours On The Dental Chair60000
Auxillary Dental Products
Interdental Hygiene Aids (Interdental Brushes)2000
Oral Rinse (Chlorhexidine) Remidine500
Oral Rinse (Chlorhexidine) Andolex C1500
Colgate / Oral B Regular Toothbrush300
Colgate slimsoft / Oral B Periodontal Toothbrush500
Desensitising tooth moose 3000
Desensitising tooth paste (Sensodent KF / Sensofoam / Sensodyne)600
Desensitising oral rinse (Prodent) 500
Super Floss1500
Dental Floss (Waxed)500
Oral B Electric Tooth brush - Entry Level Model4000
Oral B Electric Tooth brush - Advanced Level Model10000


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