Dr Kinoti Mugambi

  • Speciality: Dental Surgeon
  • Experience: 5
  • Contact:

Director Upper Hill Dental Centre Ltd

He eats, drinks, lives, dentistry! A lover of preserving and restoring smiles for a lifetime. Dentistry for him was the kind of “I wanna be this and that” when I grow up.

Whereby the this and that was being a dentist. This was spurred by favorable dental treatment at an early age (I know, it’s a “Ripley’s” moment) and henceforth he was hooked into the profession.

Also know as the #toothdoctor, he strives to improve on his everyday dental skills with particular emphasis on aesthetic dentistry (whitening teeth, tooth coloured fillings and restorations) and endodontic (root canal) treatment.

He is also an avid lover of travelling, the outdoors and all things green!
The old adage “you are what you eat” is a very true one, so his role as a dentist is to ensure that your eating faculties are adequately taken care of so that you can truly build on to that.

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